Top 16+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies/Shows Online

Free Movie Streaming Sites

Do you love binge-watching? But television is showing the same movies back to back. Try youtube or telegram? But no, on youtube probably you need to rent your favorite movie or you can get access to short clips only.

Talking about the most popular app (nowadays) for movies, that is telegram you need to wait for downloading movies, but who cares Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crackle, and so on are always there for you in case you’re ready to pay the subscription fee.

Free Movie Streaming Sites

If you don’t want that, then you are in the right place. We got you covered, with a list of the best movie streaming sites.

What Are Movie Streaming Sites?

Movie streaming sites are those where you can watch movies without downloading, you don’t need to use the space available in your P.C or phone. By using these sites, you can watch any movie, at any time without downloading it.

Many sites are dedicated only to movies and other sites offer movies and shows as well. So check the full article and find out movie streaming sites to watch your favorite movies online. In case you choose a website that is not available in your country, then you may use VPN to stream your favorite movie or else search for other online movie streaming websites mentioned in the list.

Best Movie Streaming Sites


It is one of the leading streaming sites for movies. It offers movies of various genres and besides that, it also offers you web series and drama for binge-watching. Putlocker is well known for its HD streaming quality. As visible in the given image you can easily search your favorite movie for streaming on Putlocker. Also, pop-ups won’t disturb you unnecessarily while enjoying the movie

Another best feature of this one of the top movie streaming sites is that it is absolutely free of cost, safe and the best it doesn’t need login details and stuff, also a download option is available.



Soap 2Day is one of my favorite free movie websites. Because it also offers many television shows and dramas. It is free, safe, and doesn’t need any signup formalities. Also, it is easy to use and literally offers tons of options to watch in a well-organized manner for different genres. You can just select your country and start searching for the movie or series that you are looking for. In case you are unable to find your favorite one then you can also drop a request for that particular one and you can access it in a few days.



Numerous movies and shows are at your fingertips through 123Movies. Tons of options are available for streaming and binge watching on 123movies. It is free as well as very easy to use. Just search the movie or web series that you want to watch using the search bar and that’s it you are ready to watch. Select your country to make it more simple. The best thing about 123Movies is that they update the content frequently and hence, most of the latest movies and shows are available on 123Movies at their best(HD quality streaming). Enjoy watching on free movie streaming sites.



Another one of the best and free movie streaming sites. This is one of the most well known OTT platforms with a large audience from all over the world. Popcornflix is a completely free site for enjoying movies and shows. No subscription is required on this platform. Although a little disturbance of pop up ads is there, but anyways it is fine as it is a cheap deal. This website is totally safe as it doesn’t show any illegal content and instead, it offers various options for old and new movies. You can search movies easily using the search bar. So what are you waiting for? Get your popcorn ready to enjoy it with popcornflix.



Vudu is one of the great websites to watch movies online. Here you have both options available free as well as paid content available on Vudu. Although it contains enough free content, to get access you need to do very simple signup. Your email, username, and password are required for this purpose. Vudu asks for signup to avoid scams. It is safe to use and also the quality of streaming even in free content is good so you can enjoy watching here too.


Classic Cinema Online

Now you don’t need to go to the cinema to watch a movie. Because Classic Cinema Online is available for you. Its name suggests classic cinema, which means you can enjoy old age movies on this platform. Most of the content of this site is dedicated to the movies of the 60s and 70s. Your search for old movies ends here, just click on the search bar and type the movie name, or its genre or subgenre. But a fact that makes this site different from others is that Classic Cinema Online is not the host, in simple words they don’t stream on their own servers, instead they work as a sort of a mediator and connect the streaming link on their website.

classic cinema online


Another one of the amazing movie streaming and downloading websites. It offers both the option that is you can stream as well as download the content to watch. Coming on the features of Gomovies, this website is very simple to use as you can see from the image. Search for your favorite movie or show after signing up. You need to sign up to access the content but anyway it offers a huge range of amazing movies and shows especially classics. The only not so good thing about Gomovies is its unnecessary ads. If you can bear it then go for it.



If you are a lover of Asian movies then this must be a gift for you. This website offers a huge variety of movies from old and classic to modern and latest movies. Most of the audience of Einthusan is from India.

Einthusan is another one of the great movie streaming and downloading websites. You can easily download any movie from here, also they stay updated with the latest movies. Movies are organized according to their genres. Einthusan is free of cost, easy to use with an elegant look that offers movies in 9 different languages.



It is one of the superb, leading streaming sites for movies. JustWatch is a top notch site that is simple to use, easy to access, with fast bots, and almost no glitches. Numerous movies and shows are available, with almost negligible pop-ups.

JustWatch is also considered to be one of the excellent streaming sites as it doesn’t need any sign-up formalities. Just watch your favorite content of movies and shows on JustWatch.

Popcorn Time

No, not to eat but to watch. Popcorn Time is another best website with plenty of options for classic/old and latest movies. Popcorn Time is available on android as well as on IOS in an app version. Popcorn Time is a safe website to stream movies, you can also download the content to watch it later. The interface of Popcorn Time is simple and easy to use. This website is free of cost and without any formalities of signing up. Cook some popcorn to enjoy Popcorn Time.

popcorn time

Movies Found

Watch literally any genre movie on movies found Action, Romantic, Classic, Comedy, and whatnot. You can download any movie that is available on this website. A great collection with a wide range of options. This website is already used by a huge audience. Sign up is not required on this website. Just enter the site, search your favorite movie and you are all ready to watch all the latest and updated content of movies found online. So find your favorite movie online;)


Your mini cinema is now available anywhere just with a good internet connection and a device to operate. The solar movie offers both free as well as paid options. Although solar movies show ads amidst the movie but maybe the ads also prove to be useful for you in some way.

Talking about the content available on Solar movie ranges from content for children to content for adults. You can also manage the streaming quality according to your networks and another point is that you need to sign up on this mini cinema for both streaming and downloading content.



Moviesflix is a little different because it offers varied and unique content, you will find many unique options here, so if there is any movie that is not available on other websites there is a probability of finding those movies here. The interface of Moviesflix is authentic and easy to access. You can search for movies, tv shows, web series of different genres and years. The way all the movies are organized is really remarkable. If you want to save your data for other work then you can watch content at low quality at 480p and 720p as well.



Another amazing platform for streaming your favorite movies. From watching kid’s movies to adults this site offers a wide range of entertaining content. Although Rainierland doesn’t disturb with too many ads while streaming, they still offer paid and VIP service to block ads otherwise you can access free content here. The modest interface, easy to use, free content, and varied range of content make this site one of the top movie streaming sites.


M4Ufree is also known as a library of videos. User-friendly experience with content like movies, short videos, documentaries, anime media, and a lot more. Without even signing up for formalities you can enjoy too much entertaining content in horror, comedy, anime, romantic, and many other genres.

You can search for some particular movie with the search option or else just browse all movies to get a package of entertainment for your free time and choose according to your mood. If you like anime content then this website must be your first priority to find it out.



YesMovies is a perfect platform to search for movies. You can get access to various movies and TV shows with a single click and without paying anything. But unfortunately, this website is not accessible in many countries all over the world. So here is a suggestion for you to use VPN if you want to use YesMovies to enjoy your favorite, high quality, and other movies, and possibly because of the use of VPN the speed might be a little slow. One of the best streaming sites, no sign up is required for this platform. Just grab some popcorn, or other snacks and you are ready for movie time with friends or alone as you prefer.



Hotstar is one of the best and most popular streaming website these days. not only movies , you can also watch TV Shows, web series, sports, cartoons and many more. in this platform you have to register to get all access of the hotstar VIP version. But if you only want to watch movies then you can use free version too.


On the top the homepage there are option of TV, Movies, Sports, Disney+ & Kids , so that you can choose your desire option. Also there are many language so that you can choose your favorite language. In one word, Hotstar is the full package of your entertainment.


Is it safe to use movie sites to watch movies online?

It is wrong to say that it is completely safe but the chances of landing on a scammed site are very rare. So be careful while streaming, avoid clicking on unnecessary links but you can use them.

Which Platform is Best to Watch Online Movies Without Downloading?

There are many websites, some free video streaming sites are:- Soap2Day, Moviesflix, Movies Found,  Solarmovie, Popcorn Time, Popcorn flix, 123Movies, and Gomovies. You can enter any of these sites and search for your favorite movies without signing up or paying anything.

Name 5 Movie Streaming and Downloading Websites?

PutLocker, GoMovies, Einthusan, Popcorn Time, Movies Found are some websites that you can use to download as well as stream movies anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Where can I watch the latest movies for free?

Here are some sites that regularly update their content with fresh and latest movies. New movie streaming sites:- 123Movies, Einthusan, Movies found online, and PopcornFlix. Go and check out the latest movies for free.

What to do if movie websites for online streaming are not working?

Probably those websites are not available in your country. There are two options available for this issue: either you can use VPN to stream on those websites for free or you can check out other websites that are listed in this article.

What Are Safe Movie Streaming Sites?

Popcorn Time, PopcornFlix, Soap2Day, PutLocker, and Vudu are some safe movie streaming sites. Enjoy streaming movies and shows for free now.

Which Movie Online Streaming Sites are Best?

There are many online movie streaming websites that are available that are free sites to watch movies online. So you can stream movies on these free movie download sites like Vudu, Soap2Day, PutLocker, PopcornFlix, and Popcorn time.

Final Note:

Hope you are having a weekend or weekday that is perfectly planned with: your favorite snacks, movies or shows list and these free legal movie streaming websites 2022. Again summing up the content that if you end up landing on a site that is not accessible in your country then either use VPN or consider other websites. Happy streaming, on these amazing encyclopedias of entertainment of any genre, whether it is comedy or horror.