18 Best Free Movie Download Sites to Watch Movies Online

Free Movie Download Sites

Free Top Movies download sites are always fun to watch around the world, it is one of the best entertainment sources for people from past few decades. Gone are those days when people used to buy movie CDs/DVDs of movies they want to watch. Instead, everyone prefers streaming movies online since there are many good free movie streaming sites available out there. It doesn’t matter what type of movies you like to watch, you can always find them on the internet. A simple search will get you a list of hundreds of such sites that offers online movie streaming without sign-up and registration but there are only a few free movie download sites available that offer to download too.

Free Movie Download Sites

We have seen a lot of people search for free movie downloads sites to download full-length movies without paying a single penny. Remember that not all of the movies download sites are safe and you must be cautious while using them. There are many ways available by which you can download free movies from the internet but not all of them will provide you the features and options you might be interested in.

Also, downloading some movies, series, and shows is nearly impossible because they are available only on specific websites. In case you are wondering about some legal free movie download sites, then you have landed on the correct page.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best free movie download sites that can be used to download full-length movies for free. Instead of using paid download sites, we will recommend you to read this post till the end since we have mentioned some of the top best free movie download sites on this page to do free movie downloads no registration.

What Are Movie Download Sites?

As the name says, movie download sites are basically those websites which are created to let users download movies. Before some time, there were only a few of them were available but these days there are hundreds of such sites available. Every popular streaming platform allows you to save movies, shows, and series for offline streaming but they might cost real money.

If you are among those people who don’t like spending money on streaming and entertainment services then you can consider using such sites. We have picked up some of the best free movie download sites and provided on this page.

Is It Safe To Use Free Movie Download Sites?

No website on the internet is completely safe as crackers always try to get into websites to obtain personal and banking information from their users. That thing is completely out of people’s hands but as a user, what we can do is to look at the level of security a website that we are visiting has.

If you think a website that is asking you for personal or banking details is doesn’t look safe then do not proceed. You can always try other alternative websites. To keep yourself safe from such sites we have tested all of the sites mentioned on this page and then listed them so you can use them without any worries.

List of Some Best Free Movie Download Sites :


Yeah, over the course of time, YouTube, the largest video sharing website has improved a lot of things in it. For your movie downloading needs, YouTube offers thousands of full-length movies. It is also included in our new list of best streaming websites for movies. YouTube is a totally free movie platform for those who don’t like paying for Netflix and Hulu download video premium services.


YouTube allows people to play saved videos offline without a network at any time. You can save any time, television programs, web series, and movies to watch them offline. There are many channels on YouTube that provide movies and shows and there is one channel from YouTube itself. You can also subscribe to different movie-related channels to get notifications about the latest uploads. The official YouTube doesn’t offer to direct download option to your mobile gallery but you can save in YouTube off the offline watch.

The Internet Archive

With not just movies but also for music, lyrics, and novels, the Internet Archive is like a hidden gem. This web site helps in building a free virtual library card that provides you with galleries, video sharing feature, favorite content bookmarking, etc. You should definitely check this website is you don’t know about it.

The Internet Archive provides free streaming and downloading option for thousands of titles. This website has taken a strong step in digitally documenting internet websites. You can also call this website “a multimedia library” delivering almost 362 billion web pages archived. This is certainly a fantastic way to download movies and series for free.

SD Movies Point

SD Movies Point is among the biggest and widely used streaming platforms that provide free movie streaming services. This free movie download site is open to people from around the world and in particular in the USA to stream films and watch Hollywood films online. Adah’s 2022 website features a wide variety of series, shows, and movies.

It is a modern website, but its simple to use interface is increasing its popularity all around the world. All movies, series, and shows on this website are categorized according to their genre, so you can find them easily. Also, you can use the menu bar and search feature to look for specific movies of your choice for downloading.


You can download a variety of movies and famous TV shows that are available in the public domain by accessing this free movie download website. This website also offers its services using an Android app named Classic UHF that lets you download and watch movies anywhere anytime.

The movies list is frequently updated on this website and all the common genres from where you can pick movies are shown in the header menu. Any movie can be downloaded directly from one file and you don’t have to sign up or register on this website for that. This is not only a movie download website but a basic film website where you can discover some hits.


FilmyWAP is a website that can be used to stream films and free television shows online. FilmyWAP features many popular movies and television shows you can not find on other platforms for free. FilmyWAP is created by independent developers so you will mostly find curated content on this website. Though you will be able to download movies in different video formats according to your needs.


FilmyWAP’s design is easy to use and clear and if you want to create a playlist of your own, then you will have to register on this website. Because the movies can be streamed for free without any fee, this website promotes other services by showing advertisements from time to time. If you have a download manager installed in your device then you can easily download movies and shows from this website.


Katmoviehd is another best-known movies and shows streaming websites. It gives you a lot of free HD-quality films and videos for online streaming that you will forget using other websites. Millions of people out there are using this website for movies and shows. It doesn’t matter what your genre it, since Katmoviehd has content of all genres like science, fiction, horror, romance, comedy, and many more.

You can also search for the content using the “top-rated” or “most-watched” column or use the search box to find anything specific. Each account on Katmoviehd can have six unique profiles that can be used on different devices at the same time, and any content can be accessed on the go via its mobile application. No secret fees or rent are required to pay on this website.

My Download Tube

As the name says, MyDownloadTube is a website from where you can download content like movies, shows, and series. This website was created with the sole purpose of providing downloadable links to the streaming content for free. This website is in this business for quite a long time so you can trust it with your needs.

There are few ads available on this website but they are shown only to get some revenue for maintenance of their servers. You don’t have to pay anything to download from this website. There are many sites with similar names available out there so beware of the fake MyDownloadTube websites and use only the one we have linked above.


SunNxt is basically a free movie streaming website but recently we came across one SunNxt website that is providing a download feature too. The original and official SunNxt website is taken down and you will have to satisfy yourself with a mirror or SunNxt proxy sites which are working right now.

SunNxt seems to be the best among all and we have tested this website ourselves. This website has got a clean and easy-to-use interface and you can find all new to old movies on this website. Sometimes, it may ask you to prove your identity and depends on your location, it will ask you to provide some personal details.


Vimeo is another video hosting website like YouTube which was created back in 2004. Vimeo was formed by a group of filmmakers that decided to show videos conveniently and visually with friends. Soon, people started loving this website and the developers added a feature to let users upload and share their own videos on it.

Now over 80 million users worldwide are sharing videos in Vimeo. Many short films and full-length movies for user’s enjoyment are available on this website. Vimeo also has an on-demand portion of videos that asks you to pay for TV shows and movies. You can download content from this website officially and using external tools too.

Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is one of the legitimate torrent websites providing free streaming of a vast selection of movies. The series and movies available on this website are made available when the original film owner declines to extend his claim to rights on time. Public Domain Torrents genres vary from drama, terror, music, and western genres.

Films in a variety of formats and video quality are freely available on this website. You can watch and download movies from this website without registration. You may pick a movie genre or see the most famous films and movies added recently. The layout of this website is very simple and you can easily find movies based on their genre to watch online or for downloading.

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is a website for streaming and downloading documentary movies, as its name suggests. On this website, new documentaries from sites like YouTube and more are frequently published. You can either watch these movies online, download them for offline viewing and replay them anytime you want. It is definitely amazing how this site features its contents.

Top Documentary Films has got a clean, fast, and hassle-free replay interface too. Each title has a short description of the film and user feedback. Check the ranking and read the review in order to get the best insight into the movie. You don’t have to register or pay anything to watch and download movies using this website.

Open Culture

Open Culture is not just another movie download website but it has got several unique features too. The website appears to have over a thousand films listed in its database that are open for online streaming and downloading. This platform gathers movies and shows from different sites like YouTube and the Internet Archive.

This is a fantastic website with quick and high-quality movie download options. Movies of rare languages like Russian and Korean are also available on this website which makes it unique than other sites of this list. Open culture list all available movies and shows in list order, which makes finding a movie title very frustrating. Though, you can use the search feature to look for specific movie titles.


This website has got the simplest user interface among all sites mentioned on this page and it doesn’t ask you for any type of payment. All types of movies are available on this website because it is user-generated and submitted content. To use this website, you will have to register yourself on it but don’t worry because it is completely free.

The interface is very clean and clear and this website also offers a simple platform for streaming and uploading content from different third-party content providers websites. If you want to download movies from Kanopy, then you can use a third-party download program on your PC or use a browser extension to grab the video streaming links.


Even though a majority of the 9xMovies users are using it for online movies streaming but if you will use third-party downloaders like Internet Download Manager then you will be able to download almost anything from this website. There are thousands of movies, series, and shows available on 9xMovies which makes it a perfect place for movie lovers.


You can easily navigate around the website and this website is blocked in some countries. Don’t worry because you can always use a VPN to get unblocked or use 9xMovies mirror sites available on the internet. We have linked an unblocked 9xMovies website above. 9xMovies is ad-supported, so you might have to see some ads while visiting this website.

Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online curates and serve movies and shows that are available on several public domain websites. Since MoviesFoundOnline does not host any movies on its own servers, there are chances that some movies might not be available on this website. Remember that there are some false download buttons to download the movies that are available on it so click on the proper download button to get your content.

Another good thing about Movies Found Online is that it provides movies in all video quality like 720p, 1080p, 4K, BluRay, and many mosre. The website is the one you are searching for if you are truly looking for a movie download website. If you are looking for something specific that is not available on Movies Found Online then you can also request an upload.

Movie No Limit

Movie No Limit can be called both a free movie streaming website as well as a movie download website too. This website offers movies and shows downloading free of charge all over the world. Movies and shows that are available on different streaming platforms are made available for download on this website.

Based on the availability, every movie and show is provided in different video quality format. The website has classified movies and shows by region, genre, year of launch, etc., reducing the effort to locate the content. Not only this but you can also find some originals from various networks and film studios.


Popcornflix is among the most popular websites for video streaming and downloading with a user-friendly interface. This website is owned and operated by Screen Media Ventures so can expect some high-quality movie downloads from it. Popcornflix has movies of all genres like action, romance, humor, horror, suspense, documentaries, etc. from all over the world.

Everything that is available on Popcorn Flix is absolutely free, even though no account is needed on the website. To stream anything you just need to tap the Play Button and enjoy watching or show of your choice. Only certain movies and shows can be downloaded and if the content is downloadable then you will see a download button on the same page.

Movie Minions

If you are looking for movie download sites without registration, MovieMinions is the perfect place for you.  All you need to do is to search for the film you want to download and then press the movie download button available below its title. A list of different download links according to the file size and video quality will be shown. Your download will start instantly after clicking on the desired download button.

Movies in all video resolutions like 4k, 1080P to 480P are available on the website. There can be over 2 to 10 download links for a single movie with various sizes and resolutions. Although a few links might not be reliable, you can definitely look at other download links. We will recommend you to try this website at least once if you have never visited it before.

Melo Movie

Another addition to the free movies downloading sites is the MeloMovies. While this website is not as big as other download sites mentioned on this page it still has got a good amount of movies, shows and series for free download. There are many file size and resolution downloads available for free below the title of the movie.

You can navigate around on this website and use the search feature to look for any specific movie for downloading. The GUI of this website is really smooth and there are no ads on this website which makes it possible for everyone to download the required movies in no time. This is definitely a must-try website for every movie lover.


After YouTube, the second-largest video sharing platform is Dailymotion. It helps its users to navigate, download, and import video content from around the world. A wide range of contents from vintage films to valuable documentaries can be found here. The user interface of this website is very clean and easy to use which makes it perfect for movie lovers.

Dailymotion has become popular among its users by offering a wide library of high-quality videos. To download movies from Dailymotion, you may need a downloader. Note that not all of the videos, shows, and movies available on Dailymotion can be watched offline, so you must use a downloader tool to download movies from Dailymotion.

FAQs Related To Movie Downloading Sites

1. Is It Safe To Download Movies From Such Sites?

To be honest, the answer to this question is both YES and NO. Yes in reference to the legit movie download sites and NO in reference to the sites that might not look safe. When you will search for “movie download sites” on the internet, then you will get a list of hundreds of such sites that offer free downloading of movies, TV shows, and series.

While some sites among them can be legit and working but some might not. If you are new to movie download sites, then we will recommend you to stick only with the websites that we have mentioned on this page. We are sure that you will find a working site from this page for your movie.

2. How Can I Download Movies In Mobile?

If you are looking for movie download sites for mobile, even then you can use most of the websites mentioned on this page. Some websites that we have provided on this list have a responsive design, so they will work the same on both the desktop as well as mobile devices. Though, downloading files from these sites depends on your mobile browser configuration.

You might have to change the website permissions in your web browser to allow these sites to save files in your device. To be on the safe side, we will recommend you download only files with video extension, like .MP4, .3GP, MKV, etc. and not in zipped format.

3. Are Sites To Download Dubbed Movies Legal?

Just like streaming sites are not legal, many of the sites to download movies are not legal from soap2day. There are some piracy websites out there that upload the latest released movies and copyright content with the permissions of the producers. While the internet has opened the gate to download and watch almost anything on the internet, it has become a headache for some people too.

If you will use such sites then you might get a legal notice from authorities. That is why we will recommend you download movies, shows, or series only from the website that we have mentioned on this page and not from anywhere else without checking its authenticity.

4. How Can I Download New HD Movies?

The database of many websites mentioned on this page gets updated daily with new content and most probably, you will find links to download latest released movies on them. Remember that it takes around 3-5 days after the release of the movie to be available on the internet in good video quality.

If you want to download movies faster, then you can head over to the torrent websites where you can find links to download movies the same day of their release. Though many such sites are illegal and using torrent for downloading movies that are not released by the officials openly can get you in the problem.

5. Do We Need To Pay Anything To Download Movies?

Absolutely not. We think that the internet should be open for all and people must have the freedom to do anything on the internet for free. Even we ourselves don’t like paying for streaming and downloading services so we have included both paid and free sites on this page. The pricing to download a movie depends on its availability.

If that particular movie is not available on any website except the paid one, then you will have to pay real money to download it. Though, we will suggest you verify the files before paying any website for downloading movies as some of the sites are fake and will never provide you download links after the payment.


So, this is all about movie download sites free and we hope now you know about the best free movie download sites available right now. There are many more such sites available on the internet like 123movies, movies 123, AZmovies, GoMovies or Solar movies but not all of them are safe to use. Instead of trying your hands on any new website, you must consider using the sites we have mentioned on this page.

We will keep this post updated with legal movie download sites, so keep visiting Central Viral to know about them. If you are facing any issues in using movie download sites Hindi dubbed or movie download sites free Hollywood, then you can ask us for help via the comments below. Also, if you know about any good site to download movies, let us know.